Nadia Naddy is a fierce young Kenyan lady of many talents. Being from a culture that is not used to having women being fierce, outspoken and standing firm to what they believe in, she believes that ‘ A Fierce Attitude is all what a Woman needs,’ to tackle anything. She is currently taking up her MA in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy in Germany. In addition to that, She is a Global Communication Specialist, Lifestyle and Inspirational Blogger and an Active Female Empowerment Activist.

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THE FEMINIST IN US: As simple as it sounds.

This Young East African Girl (As expressed by Drake AKA Drizzy, Hey Boo!) Is tired of people rejecting the feminist movement and building up misconceptions on something that is needed to elevate women. I went deeper into understanding what this misconception is about: Through my real life experiences, quotes from men and women from different parts of the world. In hopes to change people minds and give them a clear understanding and appreciation of the movement. In my book you’ll discover: • A society where expression and feminism are being confused and being treated as one. • A journey that would be thought provoking • Gender Bashing, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence that face women. And • My personal quotes that uplift and promote self-love

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